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Wing of Tomorrow - Flap
In cooperation with the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, FACC is currently working on the “Wing of Tomorrow” program. The central goal is to start developing the wing technologies of tomorrow and make them ready for series production. With the development of an innovative flap, a subproject has now been successfully completed.
2020 was a very challenging year. FACC was also not left unscathed by these difficult general conditions in the Corona year. With its stringent cost-cutting program and new strategic focus, the aerospace group is now setting the course for the future.
Committed to the sky - at all levels world is facing major changes in the coming years. Global megatrends will permanently change the aviation industry and our society. FACC is positioning itself for the next decade with its new strategy: Profiting from the changes in the core business, understanding climate protection as an opportunity and advancing into new markets.
Florian Heindl - FACC Group Treasurer
As Group Treasurer Florian Heindl is responsible for communicating and maintaining relationships with investors, analysts, banks and the entire capital market community of FACC.
FACC service anniversaries
FACC's proven performers are its employees, because their expertise and skills are the key to the company's success. Now, on the occasion of their service anniversaries, long-standing employees have been honored by FACC for their dedication, commitment, and loyalty.
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